Granny Flat Designs

Are you looking to get some extra space for your family, or maybe a studio office? Investment income? Whatever your reasons, Central Granny Flats will make it a reality! We have a vast array of innovative granny flat designs that will suit any individual’s preference and needs. With the increasing popularity of tiny houses, our team of professionals has gathered the best granny flat designs for you.

However, these can all be overwhelming, and we would not want you to make the wrong choice. Here are the things you should know to help you get an idea of which of the granny flat designs work best for you.

1 Bedroom Granny Flat Designs

The floor plan of our granny flat designs has a minimum of 30m² that typically has one bedroom. Choose this floor plan if you’re looking for a separate home office or a creative space. One-bedroom granny flats work well for the disabled who wish to live alone but still need to have their families near them for support. These are also ideal for nannies and au pairs.

2 Bedroom Granny Flat Designs

If you have more space and money to spare, you may want to take a look at our two-bedroom granny flats. Our team can create a luxurious home for you! These designs typically have a 60m² floor plan.


Our designs for two-bedroom granny flats can serve as an excellent Airbnb if you’re looking to earn some extra cash. These designs are better suited to accommodate more people! Having a two-bedroom granny flat enables you to have more than two visitors come over. More importantly, it is an optimal solution for people who want to have their grandparents live close to them. Retirees who wish to downsize may also consider getting a two-bedroom granny flat.

3 Bedroom Granny Flat Designs

Granny flat designs that have three bedrooms might sound impossible to achieve given floorplan regulations. Nevertheless, Central Granny Flats have done it before! We know how to fully maximise the limited space for granny flats so we can bring you three bedrooms. These designs can accommodate an entire family. However, some areas are smaller compared to a regular house to make way for another bedroom.

2 Storey Granny Flat Designs

Speaking of maximising space, Central Granny Flats also offers two-story granny flat designs for you! While there are additional conditions and requirements, these designs are ideal for anyone with huge properties. If you want to have a garage or an open deck, choose this design.

However, this is significantly more expensive than our other granny flat designs. On the plus side, you get to be more creative, and it’s a good investment! If you want to put it up for rent, it can give you extra income. A two-story granny flat can easily accommodate more people comfortably!

Build Your Own Granny Flats With Us!

Other than the best granny flat designs we offer, Central Granny Flats can adjust accordingly to your needs. You can also choose from our backyard granny flat designs and alter them to fit your budget! 

Here at [Company name], the customer’s granny flat interior design ideas are also taken into consideration. We value your insights, and we want you to have the best! We offer multiple designs so you can maximise your budget to make it truly worth it. You will get access to architect designed granny flats with our company. Call us now and get the granny flat of your dreams!









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