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Servicing the NSW Central Coast region for over 25 years

Are you looking for a reputable granny flat Central Coast builder to help you plan and build the perfect granny flat to suit your needs? Look no further! We are here to bring your vision to life. At Central Granny Flats we promise to deliver and exceed your expectations. Here are some reasons why you should work with us.

One of the most trusted names in the granny flat business

You are in good hands at Central Granny Flats! Having helped thousands of clients for over 25 years, we can ensure the success of your investment is as painless and straightforward it can be. We promise to bring your vision to life with our modern granny flats Central Coast solutions. 

Central Granny Flats is a household name in the granny flat business for a reason. We are experts in the granny flat industry and we have built a diverse range of granny flats throughout our career. We take pride in delivering outstanding solutions for each and every individual need.










Assisting you with local granny flat regulations

We are experts in all the local granny flat regulations in Australia. Different cities and states may have varying rules, and some cities do not allow building granny flats for varying reasons. There are also local restrictions regarding the allowed floor area of granny flats. We will help you follow these rules to avoid future complications!

Once you decide to build a granny flat, depending on area, we will help you contact your local council. More often than not, if you are building a granny flat Central Coast NSW, only a CDC is required and this is a quick process in comparison to a typical DA approval. We will be sure to help you look into that. Here are some of the localities we specialise in:

  • Granny flat Central Coast
  • Granny flats Gosford
  • Granny flats Wyong
  • Granny flat Hornsby
  • Granny flats Central Coast

We put prime importance on the design and functionality of your granny flat

We know how crucial the design and functionality is to our clients. Having built numerous granny flats, each with their own unique design, over the years, we are capable of delivering you what you need! We at Central Granny Flats can accommodate almost anything – thinking outside the box is what we thrive on!

We stick to the schedule that we have initially set

Time is money, and we know that. We put prime importance on the schedule that we have initially agreed upon. Being organised builders we stick to our word and can assure you that we do our best to not cause any delays in construction.

Rest assured your build will be
hassle free with seamless delivery.

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We promise to stay within the budget that you have specified to us

We will maintain constant communication with you and provide updates

We want you to be secure in our service. We avoid keeping our customers in the dark because we definitely do not want you to worry! We will regularly update you regarding the status of the construction. 

Updates may come in the form of calls or emails, whichever medium you prefer! If you’d like, we can also set face-to-face meetings to address your concerns. We will update you of our progress in a timely manner to ensure your peace of mind.

A granny flat is a huge investment, and we will help you gain maximum profitability from it. We will never go over your desired budget to prevent breaking your bank. All expenses will be fully controlled by you!

We use only the best materials and produce the optimal output given your desired price range. The materials we use are as durable as they are affordable! We promise to optimise your granny flat Central Coast cost. We can promise you high-quality granny flats at cost-efficient prices.

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“Guys honestly thank you so very much for everything, your honesty and integrity is what we need more of in this industry. We paid for quality and we got it, we are now living in our granny flat and renting out the main house, it was a dream run with you, this is a thank you from me and my whole family, i wish you could also build our new house! i look forward to another future build with your company, until then take care and thank you so much again. (Phillipe & Family)”

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We are always open to your questions, comments, and suggestions!

We know how important it is to establish a rapport with our clients. We are not only your granny flat builder company, but we are also your partners in life. With that, we promise to build long-term connections with you by answering your questions and listening to your suggestions! We at Central Granny Flats value your suggestions and opinion. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Get Those Perks with Granny Flat Builders!

If you are thinking of building a granny flat for your home, there’s no better time than now! These low-risk, high-reward flats will help your family in the long run, and are great investment eggs to guarantee a positive cashflow return should you decide to rent it out. With current interest rates at an all time low and the active housing market, tenants will not be hard to come by.

A location such as a granny flat for rent Terrigal would be an attractive investment with great long term stability in income. With us, you can build affordable granny flats and reap the fruits of your investment sooner.

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